Learn about your customer journey
with an experience map.

Ebco’s experience maps provide you with a comprehensive understanding
of how your product or service interacts with people, touchpoints and trends, while revealing clear opportunities for innovation throughout an experience.

Actionable Research

An experience map is a tool that makes research insights easy to understand and learnings easy to share with other functions so they can foster more strategic action. Maps can help you to:

  • Focus on a specific path or user type, or see where pain points exist
  • See key trends impacting the organization and where opportunities are for innovation 
  • Zero in on key issues, challenges and unmet needs of customers, throughout the journey

Map Types and Options

Here are just a few examples of maps we’ve created for clients. You can request one of these maps types or we can work with you to come up with one specific to your needs.

Language & Point of View

Reveals the language and point of view of key users so you can better align marketing, storytelling, sales language, and other content

Customer Journey

Enables you to follow the user journey, uncovering key areas including pain points, decision points, opportunities and product interaction

Decision Points
& Path Changes

Tracks the major decisions, key considerations and paths taken from process initiation through to completion/span>

Personal & Regional Differentiation

Shows the different paths user archetypes take as they interact with a product and go through the buying or use process so you can uncover insights and unmet needs for specific interest groups or lifestyle choices

Opportunity Zones

Highlight opportunity zones for innovation within the context of an overall process to evoke new ways of thinking about your market/product, leading to new profit streams and opportunity areas


Learn more about your customer journey with an experience map.
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