Ebco helps you discover and investigate every aspect of your customer's journey and uncovers real opportunities for innovation.

We then marry this information with current and future trends and insights, informing strategy and inspiring you and your team to take action.

We bring to life customer behaviors and expectations that are affecting how companies operate and market today, as well as key trends that are influencing customers that will ultimately impact the future of your business.  


Gain a deep understanding of customer needs and behaviors and identify opportunities to best serve those customers, now and in the future, with Ebco. 


current consumer perspectives,
lifestyles, needs, and identify
their emerging expectations.


the customer's journey across
all touchpoints, discovering
pain points, unmet needs and
opportunities along the way.


what products and experiences
outside your customer and
industry are influencing & shaping
your customers’ opinions.


Perspectives and Expectations

When making customer-facing decisions, it’s critical to understand what customers want so you can meet their needs and accurately anticipate future desires and choices.

Ebco helps you discover unmet needs and white space opportunities by identifying gaps from your customer’s perspective leading to the development of more successful new ideas for products, services, and customer experiences.

Understand the Journey

To make sure you and your customer remain connected, you need to understand their entire experience, as well as their behaviors, interactions and preferences across all touchpoints.

Ebco studies the customer’s journey in depth to reveal deep consumer insights that inspire ideas for fresh opportunities, better customer experiences and platforms for new innovation.

Market Forces

Products and experiences outside your company and industry are influencing and shaping your customers’ opinions right now. That’s why you and your team need to have a firm handle on what is really driving market forces, industry disruption and consumer mindset shifts.

Ebco will help you capture and analyze what is going on with consumers in other relevant industries so you can see what’s coming your way ahead of time. We’ll also investigate the social and cultural trends that are shaping the consumer mindset and report back on what consumers really expect from top brands and products.


If you’d like insights into questions such as:

How do you create an experience for customers that will work across all touch points?

How do you target customers who no longer feel connected to traditional ways of purchasing products? 

How can you improve your current product or service offering to offer the “ultimate” experience? 

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