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Plant-based products

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In today's ever-changing market, being FIRST to market or NOT can literally mean the difference between tens of millions in revenue for your company or a major lost opportunity, in a matter of weeks! In our August series we focused on Plant-Based trends and published our unboxing for our member group. Get a sneak peek of our Trend of the Month Club!

Why did we select plant based for our focus for Trend of The Month and our Pop-In Events? Good question! Plant-based is in a high category growth rate and we are seeing an upward trajectory of innovation occurring in the space. KFC recently announced plant-based products this month and released their alternative chicken menu. Something interesting we’ve seen is that global plant-based ingredients market demand is expected to hit USD $13 trillion by 2025.

We’d like to share 4 trend insights that we’re seeing in the Plant-Based category and cover some of our favorite plant-based products. 



Trend 1:

Plant-powered formats

What we mean by this is pea protein, meat alternatives, sea greens, herbs and botanicals, where brands are realizing that MORE THAN TASTE MATTERS

Consumers expect their favorite foods to be healthier and more sustainable. Today, plants are infusing, upgrading and totally transforming food. Think new, common-sense, delicious options. Drinks, proteins, dips and meat will never be the same. Did you know that Plant based protein is projected to be a $85 BILLION market by 2030? Can’t wait to see some brands flourish in this area as this trend emerges! 


Trend 2:

Plant-Based Pharma

Consumers are challenging what modern medicine has become: an expensive and unrecognizable cocktail of chemicals. Utilizing plants as medical remedies has been a practice since the beginning of humankind and consumers are demanding this back-to-basics approach. These range from CBD, to Fem-Tech, to adaptogens as well as energy alternatives to caffeine. We were excited to learn that the global herbal medicine market is expected to QUADRUPLE by 2023.


Trend 3:

Natural meets science

The global natural cosmetics market is estimated to be worth $36 BILLION in 2019. We’re excited to see where this trend takes this market! What is driving this trend is a convergence of interesting events. One of them being Brand Standards - Major retailers like Sephora are increasing their standards around clean beauty. Sephora has identified 50 harmful ingredients that products must be free of in order to get the Sephora seal of Clean Beauty. 


Trend 4:

Bio-based Materials

The worlds of both fashion and materials science have experimented with sustainable and recycled materials for years without being able to make the products catch on with designers and consumers. But as consumers become increasingly aware of the negative effect that the fashion industry has on the environment, the pressure to find new and better ways to source fabrics will increase. We’re also seeing this category affect oils, plastics, packaging, hotels, biocomposites and fibers in different aspects of producing new products. Animal leather fashion and accessories were BANNED FOR THE FIRST TIME from a major catwalk fashion show in Helsinki in 2019! 



We unboxed over a dozen products. Read more about them here:

  1. Sunday Lawn Care

    • Because Sunday tailors and time shipments based on the soil and climate data of the customer's address, lawns receive the exact nutrients needed, when they need them most. This pesticide free product uses nutrients used on organic farms safe for people, pets and plants. 

  2. AllBirds Shoes

    • Allbirds uses a direct-to-consumer approach and is aimed at designing environmentally friendly footwear. Allbirds shoes are made with natural materials like merino wool, bambooeucalyptus tree fiber, and sugar cane. 

  3. Something for Bloated Tums

    • Wrapped in a beautiful pocket sized box, this plant-based fix made from probiotics, ginger and chloride contributes to a normal digestion. It also contains fennel and green anise, which contributes to the normal function of the intestinal tract. 

  4. Good Patch

    • The Good patch is state-of -the art transdermal patch designed to deliver sustained, discreet relief for life’s common ailments. Made with the highest quality, organically farmed hemp, the patches also feature tried and true plant extracts to address specific needs from sleep aids to relaxation. 

  5. Renewable Protein Powder

    • Renewable Energy is a vegan and USDA certified organic clean source of energy that comes in a delicious flavor. With 90mg of caffeine thanks to a balanced blend of organic green coffee bean, yerba mate, matcha tea, eleuthero root, ginseng and a pre-workout without beta alanine means a jitter-free boost of energy. In case that wasn’t enough, the product has included nitric oxide boosting fruits and vegetables as well as an organic adaptogen blend.

  6. OMG-Oh! My Gim

    • OMG - Oh! My Gim reflects the vision of being the artisan product of modern plant-based seaweed snack. Each ingredients is handpicked Korean seaweed, Korean bay salt from UNESCO biosphere reserves and many more top quality ingredients from natural resources.

  7. Oats Overnight

    • Plant-Based in every way, each packet of the brand’s oats are mixed with protein powder, flaxseeds, and chia seeds, which work together to amp up the cereal’s protein content to an impressive 24 to 26 grams per serving. The packets each contain 32 percent of the day’s recommended fiber intake, too!

  8. Beekeeper Naturals: Throat Spray

    • With a sweet honey-like taste, our spray is ideal for daily immune support, defense on-the-go, and fortification during times of increased stress or fatigue. High-grade bee propolis extract, non-GMO vegetable glycerin, purified water. Certified paleo, gluten-free, and all-natural.

  9. Gem Supplements

    • GEM is a complete nutrient essential containing more than 15 key micronutrients. As the first real-food daily vitamin made for womankind, it provides supplements that are  Gluten-free, soy-free, corn-free, and vegan. Good for all women, including Mother Earth.

  10. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee

    • Plant Based Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee is created  with chaga and lion's mane as a go-to morning beverage to support productivity, focus, and creativity. Perfect to kickstart the morning or power through the workday at the office or at home.

  11. Volition Celery Green Cream

    • Developed by a crowd-sourced company the Green cream is an oil-free, celery-powered moisturizer that helps improve hydration retention while it purifies and visibly improves skin texture to help minimize the appearance of pores and inflammation, leaving skin smoother, visibly plumper and healthier-looking.

  12. Smart Sweets

    • SmartSweets are sweetened with plant-based, non-gmo stevia. Stevia is a low-glycemic sweetener extracted from leaves of the Stevia Rebaudiana plant. It provides great tasting calorie-free sweetness. The product proudly use no sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners in SmartSweets

  13. NutPods

    • Deliciously wholesome dairy-free creamer made from heart-healthy almonds and MCT-rich coconuts. Naturally nutty and delicious, nutpods are packaged in convenient, easy to use creamer pods that require no refrigeration-they're perfect for on the go!


To be in the know about future trends and how they impact your innovation pipeline, connect with us today and sign up for our Trend of the Month Club. 

Until next time, Happy Planting! 

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