What's a Trend Expedition


What does a trend expedition look like?

7 Favorite Stops on Our Trend Expeditions


Here at Ebco, we get asked, "What does a Trend Expedition look like?" It's very similar to a market visit, but instead of visiting the market to look for cool products and experiences at some of the most innovative and current stores, we take it a step further.

Before each expedition, we analyze the most impactful macro and category trends influencing our client's businesses. These could be trends around Centennials and other generations, lifestyle influences that are impacting the way consumers purchase and consume products, or new business models that are disrupting traditional industries. These learnings are then identified in a local environment like New York, Chicago or Los Angeles, for example.

Our goal is to show you the local interpretation of the largest trends impacting your customer and your business. Our recent trend expedition in Los Angeles found us looking at trends impacting the food and beverage category. We also ventured outside of the category to include businesses that were influencing our client's space because of the significant impact these trends have on consumer expectations, which ultimately impact our client's business.  


Here are a few of our favorite stops:


1. Salt and Straw

Hailing from Portland, this ice cream shop is known for their innovative flavors (Strawberry and Verbena Pimm's Cup for an example) and the seasonally changing menu based on "stories."


2. Document Coffee Bar

Located in Koreatown (where we could almost do another entire trend tour in itself), Document Coffee Bar is known for their use of maple syrup throughout their beverage menu. They also showcase the ingredient throughout the store.


3. Chimney Coffee House

Showcases global flavors in an approachable way. (Think: chicory lattes, vinegar sparklers, and visual brewing cues that make you feel like you are in another country).


4. Eggslut

Known for their dedication to highlighting and cooking eggs, Eggslut has a cult following and a line wrapped around the counter most of the day. They are a modern interpretation of fast casual with a speciality focus.


5. Sqirl

House made toast, jam and freshly milled almond butter. Sqirl is instagram famous for its delectable creations that create the instant need for customers to share and tag their meals.


6. Moon Juice

If you want to understand the medicinal food trend, head to Moonjuice. Pictured above: their sex, brain, love and sleep powders which are now sold at Urban Outfitters.


7. Whole Foods/Roy Choi Collaboration

Whole Foods is localizing their stores by adding in custom elements that give each location a neighborhood feel. The Downtown location recently unveiled a Chego inside of its fast food/pick-up area. Chego is run by Roy Choi, a famous LA chef and creator of the famous Kogi (korean fusion) taco truck.


This was a sneak peak to give you a little taste of what our jam-packed, two-day, curated expedition looked like. The destinations change each time based on our client's business needs (which may include a focus on a target customer, consumer behaviors, generational trends, or specific industries like beauty). 

Our real work comes in when we analyze how these trends apply to your business today and how they can used for innovation in the future. 


Interested in more information on how the Ebco can create a customized trend expedition for your company? Contact us today.