Visionary + Leadership


Erin Mays

Managing Partner [+]

Design strategist and researcher with deep expertise in innovation and product design.

Erin specializes in leading comprehensive research programs using an array of methodologies including in-depth interviews, ethnographies, collaborative work sessions, and usability testing.

Prior to forming Ebco, Erin served as a vice president for Sterling Brands and Senior Design Strategist at Karten Design. She holds an MBA in Design Strategy and dual bachelor degrees from UCLA in Design and Anthropology.


Kalyn Rozanski

Managing Partner [+]

Accomplished trend researcher & strategist in innovation and product development.

Kalyn is known for her vision and insights. She is a constant consumer of voluminous amounts of information across categories and industries in search of meaningful emerging patterns. She also is an expert at interpreting and communicating what those patterns will mean to your brand in terms of future consumer and market desires and behaviors.

Previous to joining Erin to form Ebco, Kalyn worked for some of the top creative agencies in the world, providing trend insights to executives at top tier organizations such as Anheuser Busch, American Standard, Bayer, Kimberly Clark, Procter and Gamble, Green Mountain Coffee, and Nike.


Ben Chaib

VP of Client Relationships and Growth Strategy [+]

Expert in developing new business ventures and client relationships.

Ben Chaib is an executive level professional with keen expertise in identifying new business opportunities and growing existing client relationships. He does this with a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to understanding a client’s culture, industry, and challenges. Clients come first for Ben, making sure they are well taken care of and that Ebco is consistently meeting and exceeding expectations.

Ben has led teams that have generated over a billion dollars in revenue over his 25 year career by using a formula of motivational leadership coupled with strategic marketing and analysis. Ben is widely regarded for his ability to improve team and individual performance and deliver on project promises through his deep understanding of people’s motivational needs and company's revenue and performance goals.


Operations + Finance


Tony Rozanski

Director of Finance [+]

Director of financial policies and process development.

Tony joined the Ebco team with experience in managing financial business initiatives and associated change, as well as data analysis and financial modeling. As an integral member of the team, he supports various departments in the coordination and development of financial plans for A/R and forecasting tools/processes.

Part of his role includes accounting functions as well as process coordination, development and project management.


Susan Jeanette

Operations Manager [+]

Detail oriented operations manager and human resource assistant.

Susan has over 25+ years of experience as an operations manager and human resource assistant. She is known for her ability to handle detailed tasks with accuracy and efficiency as well as building processes and systems for organizations.

Prior to joining Ebco, Susan worked in education where she was in charge of overseeing human resources.


Rakhi Agrawal

Operations Coordinator [+]

Enthusiastic multi-skilled professional passionate about storytelling through data and relationship-building.

Rakhi came to the Ebco team with experience in education, nonprofit development, community management, and operations/administration. In her role, she supports the team with all key functions, including business development, project management, and research.

Rakhi earned her BA from Columbia University in New York City, where she studied applied mathematics, philosophy, and pre-medical studies.


Research + Creative


Rachel Krohn

Information Designer [+]

Agile designer adept in print and digital mediums.

Rachel is an experienced graphic designer and art director in the field of communication and marketing. She explores and refines ideas into polished creative solutions ranging from bringing trends and consumer insights to life visually to developing immersive print materials.

Rachel is the lead Graphic and Information Designer at EBCO. She holds a BS in Graphic Communication.


Jonathan Abarbanel

Design Director [+]

Problem solving, multifaceted product designer.

Jonathan is a Product Designer who has brought concepts to life for a variety of Fortune 500 companies across an array of industries. He has worked in every phase of product development from medical devices to consumer electronics, furniture to wearable tech, food, health and wellness products for people and pets.

Tapping into a multifaceted career as a creative professional in several areas including music production, interactive media, user experience (UX) and industrial design, Jonathan is able to bring a breadth and depth of innovative problem solving to any design challenge.


Ariel Meranus

Senior Trend Strategist [+]

Analytical thinker with a knack for mining insights and a passion for spotting emerging trends.

She's an experienced researcher and strategist with a proven track record of synthesizing large amounts of data and identifying pockets of growth for brands.

Before joining Ebco, Ariel worked as a research analyst at L2 Think Tank and a Senior Brand Strategist at Ogilvy & Mather. She has provided insights and strategic recommendations to some of the world's most iconic consumer brands across the Unilever, Procter & Gamble, and Beam Suntory portfolios.


Samuel Merritt

Videographer and Producer [+]

World traveler and creative videographer, brilliant at bringing trends to life.

Sam earned his B.A. in Communications from the University of Hawaii in Honolulu, Hi. He’s a member of SAG-AFTRA with network TV credits from ABC, CBS & more. Sam’s production and time as a videographer includes experience filming original content in 10+ countries during the last 2 years. Sam is a creative mind with a stunning eye for bringing trend and insights to life, allowing clients and teams to understand the impact of the world around them and what’s to come.