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Webinar: July 17th

11 am CST/12 pm EST

Ebco and Voltage Control have assembled a forum of experts to discuss trends in the innovation landscape.

We’ll explore topics like innovation workshops, design thinking, innovation culture, outside innovation, and innovation architecture. Our goal is to facilitate a solution-focused dialog among innovation leaders who are in the field making it happen.

What is working for one company and not for another and why? What pitfalls and cautionary tales allow us to illuminate blind spots? By the end of this discussion, all of our listeners will walk away with multiple insights and ideas for new things to implement within their organization.

In addition to the dialog and narrative shared by our panel of innovation practitioners, we will also collect questions from our listeners and pass those along to our experts. The Q&A will likely be brief so we’ll do our best to follow-up with answers after the session. Please do join us, listen in, get curious, challenge us, and dive deep into top innovation trends and practices.


Innovation Panelists


Red Hat

Kristina Pennella


Dave Dombroski

Liberty Mutual

Jeff Marple

EA Sports

Joshua Miles

Johnson and Johnson

Gilad Yehudai

Capital Factory

Chris Gillan


Braden Kelley

Alpha Guardian

Colette Matthews


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