Mapping the Path to Innovation

Our superpower: we’re trend and consumer experts that connect the dots between our clients’ existing insights and custom trend research to set the path for innovation opportunities.



How We’ll Get There

We light the spark of innovation so our clients can see where they need to go, from the immediate to the long term. Our custom approach and actionable frameworks build on our clients’ existing insights to enable them to peek around the corner and lead with innovation.

Our Process

The Landscape: You Are Here

We start every project by surveying your familiar territory. With a clear picture of where you’ve been and where you want to go, we immerse ourselves to build a custom approach for the innovation journey ahead.


Foundational Trend Work

Fractal thinking guides the way as we develop highly customized trend research to uncover the inspiration for your innovation journey.


Deeper Exploration

The trail is winding, but we know how to kick up some excitement on the side path. For some of our programs, gaining the consumer perspective deepens the trend research and brings to life tensions and pain points unaddressed in the market.


Custom Frameworks

Which path works best for you? We’ll help you uncover the route to make sure your team has a clear, strategic map for your innovation journey. Activities and deliverables such as Trend Frameworks, Innovation Platforms, Journey Maps, and more help guide the way.


Immersive Experiences

The innovation journey isn’t complete until we identify an actionable product, service or business model with you. Immersive experiences layer on our Custom Frameworks to deliver experiential learnings to help you better understand your innovation plan.

  • Our Services

  • Trend Investigation

    Nothing cookie cutter here. Approaching every project through fractal thinking, we conduct custom trend research that explores adjacencies, consumer behaviors, and other drivers and disruptors affecting your evolving business landscape.

  • Trend-Driven Primary Insights

    We start with a foundation in actionable trends and uncover areas primed for exploration, delivered through a multitude of primary insights methodologies and focused on unlocking innovation opportunities.

  • Trend Expeditions

    Immersive? You bet! Whether our trend expeditions require a plane ticket or are curated for behind your desk, we bring a completely enveloping experience to you and your team as you experience research implications in a real-world setting.

  • Workshops + Innovation Pipeline

    Always custom tailored to our client's needs, we leverage custom Trend Frameworks and Insights to help your team generate actionable new ideas for your innovation pipeline.

  • Scouting Investigations

    Identify the startups, disruptors, and emerging companies to support potential M&A, partnerships, and investments through our Scouting Investigation Program—all rooted in opportunities identified through our custom Trend and Innovation Frameworks.

There are many paths on the journey to innovation. Through proprietary processes and custom investigations, we deliver an actionable innovation plan that is miles ahead of what you’ve experienced before.

Our Services

Innovating Across Industries

With experience across a wide breadth of industries, categories, and business types, there are few industries we haven’t worked with. Our insights pinpoint correlated learnings to deliver a multifaceted perspective to every project, because your innovation plan deserves thinking that goes beyond the standard path.

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What People Are Saying

  • “Amazing, Ebco's work was 'epic,' especially in such a short period of time. I always love [the work] very, very impressive, very inspiring."

  • “You brought great thinking, you truly listened and collaborated with us, you were quick to pivot to meet evolving team’s needs and just made everything easier.”

  • “The feedback was fantastic and it would not have been without your super hard work, openness, and collaboration. You took all of our feedback to set it up for success, including PepsiCo lingo and early-stage concepts in horizons. At the same time, you pushed us to reframe the challenges we thought we knew, and you showed new insights to find spaces that are so exciting.”

  • “The best inspiration I have ever seen leading up to an ideation."

    The Hershey Company
  • “The volume of ideas coming out of the sprint was great. More importantly, was the quality. The number of ideas that we would’ve considered ready or almost ready to commercialize and go-to-market was 60+%.”

    Colgate Palmolive

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