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Quality is our compass, curiosity drives us, and excellence is our standard. Founded in 2015, founders Erin and Kalyn set out on a mission to change how companies address innovation in a rapidly-changing world. Our services bring to life the translation of this quest as we deliver on your innovation needs.
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Ebco serves as the expert guide supporting companies on their unique path to innovation. No two paths are the same, and we are committed to the power of our work to help our clients put a meaningful dent in the universe. We’ve completed hundreds of innovation programs spanning categories and industries, and we’re eager to support your unique innovation goals.

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Our team is composed of over 20 team members spanning time zones, backgrounds, and disciplines to deliver a diverse, global perspective on innovation. From anthropology to technology, insights to product design, we’ve curated a team emboldened by endless curiosity that delivers our clients truly custom-built innovation.

Our Team
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  • Erin Mays CEO

Ebco Staff Testimonials

  • “We're a small company, so many people hold a variety of roles that play across skillsets. The expectation is to put the right people covering the right tasks and that is done in a really thoughtful and intentional way.”

  • “Our leaders and teams provide and give feedback on a daily basis. Good and bad feedback, of course. This constant communication builds trust within the organization that everyone matters and we are all one team striving for the same goal.”

  • “Ebco is a special place. As it continues to grow, I believe in our leadership and the intentionality they bring to our growth. I think for talented, curious, communicative, and ambitious people, Ebco is an ideal environment.”

  • “Leadership is approachable, incredibly kind, and invested in everyone's growth, thoughts, and feelings. Truly a great gem of a company.”

  • "Ebco is the most buttoned-up and impressive company I have ever worked for. Even as a small but growing organization, the dedication to intimacy with everyone while at the same time putting structure and systems in place to scale is amazing."

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Big innovation initiatives demand custom efforts. We inspire and energize innovation teams, marketers, and leaders across the globe.

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