Innovation is a Journey

You need a clear, actionable map to innovation. But how do you imagine what’s on a horizon you can’t see? Which trends will energize truly breakthrough ideas? There’s no need to go at it alone when you have Ebco as your savvy guide to equip you on your innovation journey. Let’s go!

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    The Landscape:
    You Are Here

    Intake + Onboarding

    At the trailhead of every project, we survey your familiar territory, ensuring we have a clear picture of where you’ve been and where you want to go. We immerse ourselves in your existing insights and hypotheses, learn your technical capabilities and constraints, understand your key stakeholder objectives, and learn your innovation philosophy so we know where you fit on the spectrum between fast follower and disruptive leader. Before we embark, we confirm your strategic objectives and the custom approach we’ll use to get you there.

    Innovation is challenging in these uncharted times. Complex terrain changes quickly and the shortest distance between two points is rarely a straight line. Ebco is an adventurous ally and expert guide helping you navigate from where you are to where you want to be.

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    Trend Work

    Trend Research

    This is where boots meet the ground. The journey sets off with highly customized trend research to find inspiration you can use to innovate. We use fractal thinking to investigate businesses, brands, and signals that are analogous and adjacent to your category to find nascent trend signals you’ll later use to frame and advance your unique innovation plan.

    Your innovation adventure awaits! With some initial recon, we’ll catch early trend signals and novel approaches. Then we decode these inbound trends into viable, meaningful steps for your business.

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    Primary Research

    For some of our clients, the dust never settles as we complete extensive primary research including reaching out to your consumers and customers, bringing in knowledgeable experts, and contextualizing our primary insights into actionable thinking.

    How will future trends impact your business? Your Ebco cartographers deftly connect the dots to find the patterns, microtrends, and themes to power custom R&D-ready recommendations. Your mission: Be curious and ready to thrive in a changing world!

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    Custom Frameworks
    & Immersive Materials


    No two paths are ever the same. We use a variety of proprietary methods to make sure your team has a clear, strategic map for your innovation journey. This includes activities and deliverables such as Trend Frameworks, Innovation Platforms, Journey Maps, and Inspirational Design Targets.

    We create new maps that equip you to see around corners and deftly maneuver new innovation environments. Our custom-crafted (never prefab) plan will detail your route and inspire your ongoing journey.

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    Experiences &

    Further Exploration

    The trail doesn’t end until we identify an actionable product, service or business model with you. We offer a number of custom experiences for your team including immersive and in-field expeditions, workshops, scouting, pipeline development, and trend boxes plus concepting and prototyping. You’ve tackled the trail, but the journey to innovation is ever-winding, and we can continue to be your guide.

    With Ebco Experiences, we downshift the gears and take more time to explore a particular trend, product, service, or business model—whatever you and your team need to bring actionable inspiration to your organization.

Travel Far, Wide, and Deep with Ebco

We delve into the specifics to uncover unique, proprietary, trend-driven insights. Then we crystalize these insights into doable recommendations to inspire your team. Final Destination: Innovation.

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What People are Saying

  • “I think I can speak on behalf of Fadia—we both really enjoyed this engagement and experience. You guys are awesome to work with! You brought great thinking, you truly listened and collaborated with us, you were quick to pivot to meet evolving team’s needs and just made everything easier.”

  • “Yes, it was a year ago and really impressive to see how much your work is still valid and relevant despite the magnitude of change we have been through over the last 12 months.”

  • “You guys and Eva were amazing partners to demonstrate a new way to generate powerful ideas for the future. I enjoyed each one of our conversations, sessions and loved the quality of your outputs.”

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