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The world our clients inhabit is multifaceted so our perspectives are, too.

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  • Consumer Packaged Goods

    CPG brands have been looking at trends since the dawn of packaged goods. Our work reframes and reveals white spaces in often overcrowded or overlooked territories of CPG. What makes us different is our dynamic, actionable approach to identifying trends and translating them into a pipeline of new products. We boldly uncover insights about how people experience and relate to food, drink, personal care, beauty, pet products, and more—shaping the future of consumers’ daily lives.

    CPG future of cereal project
  • Healthcare / Pharma

    In this rapidly changing world, healthcare-related companies are discovering what it means to serve their patients, caregivers, or HCPs at every level of the wellness spectrum. From helping pharma companies deliver better patient experiences and communicating with HCPs to helping healthcare insurance companies deliver best-in-class service, to exploring the future of pain management and immunity, our unique, adaptive approach to innovation means we can show your team how to take modern health challenges and transform them into business growth.

    Healthcare future of sexual wellness project
  • B2B

    B2B companies are often underserved in the trend space. We are leading the profound shift in innovation among B2Bs by adapting consumer research methodologies to drive their objectives. Whether you’re a B2B software developer, civil engineer, government-oriented business, or manufacturer serving other makers, we know how to help you identify innovation opportunities that deliver value to your customers.

    B2B future of water management project
  • Technology

    From the devices that take us into mixed reality to the AI that supports our daily lives, technology rules almost every aspect of modern living. Our team has delivered future-forward innovation ideas to the world’s largest tech companies. From beauty-tech to fintech, services to e-commerce, software and social media, and the future of the metaverse, our team applies a multifaceted fractal discovery method to deliver insights that reveal the future of digital and physical technology.

    Technology future of voice control project
  • Financial Services / Banking

    If money runs the world, then innovation must propel it forward. We work with today’s global financial leaders to help them better understand how to develop innovation roadmaps for their products, services, and messaging. From the digital to the physical aspects of finance, we’re the innovation guides showing your team how to ascend the mountain via the most rewarding path.

    Insurance future of risk management project

Industries We Support

We’re the cross-disciplinary, cross-industry innovators you’ve been looking for. Our approach is built to adapt to any industry. We go deep for our clients and wide on consumer consideration so you can understand where your audiences have been, meet them where they are, and join them on the journey ahead. Like a well-traveled trail guide, there are few industries we haven’t worked on.

Industries we support — pharma
Industries we support — tech
  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Beauty & Personal Care
  • Building Products
  • CPG
  • Digital
  • Entertainment
  • Healthcare & Pharma
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Retail

Project Insights to Inspire

Words log the journey, but scenic stories inspire major expeditions. We’ve compiled a library of insights to showcase the bold spirit and complexity of our trend research projects and deliverables. Dig in!

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