Indie Beauty Expo 2019


Indie Beauty Expo 2019

This May, our co-founders Erin and Kalyn checked out the Indie Beauty Expo in Dallas.


First debuting in 2015, the Indie Beauty Expo is a trade show that highlights the fast-growing market of indie brands and connects them to influencers, buyers, consumers, and investors (a smart model in today’s market!).

The companies represented at the Expo are growing fast and are disrupting the traditional beauty industry as we know it — a market expected to reach $805.61 billion by 2023. As digital expansion lowers the barrier to entry, smaller brands and disruptors are playing a larger role in the industry than ever before.



These are some of the major trends we saw at the Indie Beauty Expo this year:



Hormone and Environmental Protection

People are becoming more aware of how their hormones impact everything, from how their skin looks to fluctuations in their weight. A big one for women is menstruation, and developing products that address different issues prevalent at different points in their cycle. All in all, there was a trend towards more scientific beauty products that better take into account our individual biology. Many products also considered how environment plays a role in our health and how to mitigate factors such as pollution with our beauty products.

Pharma/Self-Care Crossover

There’s a renewed interest in the science that goes into beauty products. Several products, including Chemist Confessions and Brevana, have focused their entire company around research-based scientific skincare solutions. Many companies are bringing tech across categories and creating new ways for people to use professional-grade products in their own homes and routines.

CBD Beauty

CBD has become huge in all industries and beauty is no exception. For everything from inflammation to stress, CBD is making its way into dozens of skincare products. The biggest intrigue is in a beauty product that can alter your mood not just through nice scents or relaxing sensations, but through the actual chemistry of the product.



Here are some of the top products that caught our attention:




Across the beauty industry, we’re seeing a focus on individualized products—and Ampersand is a perfect example. Their skincare products are personalized to your skin type, specific needs, and environmental factors (do you live in a big city?). They also emphasize their use of natural/organic ingredients, which was a theme across products at the Expo.



Brevena is a prime example of the natural-meets-science trend. Their claim to fame is the Macro B Complex, a healing element derived from the cell wall of an oat, included in all of their products. While their marketing focuses heavily on the research backing their products, they also have the oat-based ingredients that bring the natural element. Brevena strikes the perfect balance between clinical and natural -- something we predict demand will only grow for.


Elvis + Elvin

As with Brevena, Elvis + Elvin describes their products as “a combination of naturally-derived ingredients and cutting-edge skincare technology.” Their star ingredient is rose, included in their products in all forms from extracts to actual rose petals. They also offer a variety of stem cell-based products, which are certainly not a new trend but remain popular in the beauty industry.



Cannabliss’s name is a dead giveaway of their key ingredient: CBD. Each of their products is made with hemp oil to reap those aforementioned benefits. Combined with traditional skincare ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, their products are said to support collagen production and cell regeneration. Overall, the term “regeneration” was a popular one among products we saw at the Expo this year.



Asutra taps into the self-care movement popular among millennials with their tagline, “Refresh your mind. Re-energize your body. Replenish your soul.” Their brand focuses on natural products designed to make you feel good -- not just look good. In line with other products we saw at the Expo, Asutra has a line of sleep-related products infused with CBD oil. 


Chemist Confessions

Chemist Confessions is another prime example of bringing science to the forefront of beauty. The industry is moving away from products that smell and feel nice but provide no real benefits (what Chemist Confessions calls “smoke and mirrors”) and towards products backed by proof. Their goal is to cut through the noise and share the science behind their skincare products—and they do this through their well-followed Instagram account. While their current product lineup is limited, their approach to beauty is certainly on trend.


The Good Patch

This transdermal beauty patch touches on a few big industry trends: combining CBD, all-natural ingredients, and pharmaceutical technology. After seeing people struggle with hangovers and menstrual cramps, the co-founder sought out a pharmaceutical patchmaker to design what became The Good Patch. They’ve since expanded into patches targeting all different issues including sleep, pain, and stress (not all of which contain CBD). With their unique design and in-demand ingredients, the Good Patch is in the sweet spot of beauty industry trends.


These companies—and hundreds of others—are already causing some serious shifts in the beauty industry as we know it. As smaller players take their slice of the cake, we can expect to see traditional industry giants make their own changes to stay in the game—either follow the trends or make a bid for these rising stars.


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