Museum of Ice Cream


Eye of Ebco: Museum of Ice Cream

Experiential Ice Cream Parlor / Pop Art Museum


Ever had those childhood inhibitions to swim in a pool of sprinkles? Traverse over life-sized popsicles? Or befriend a gummy bear the size of your neighborhood grizzly bear? Well, we found just the dreamscape: The Museum of Ice Cream.

First appearing in New York City in 2016 - with tickets selling out within hours - the famed Experiential Ice Cream Parlor / Pop Art Museum made its way to Los Angeles. Fitted with a pool of over 100 million sprinkles, a room with 10,000 bananas, flavors of ice cream you never heard of - but most definitely recognized the unconventional smells.


Interactive Experience for Youthful Energy

As the groups of visitors converged, everyone was brought into a room for a prelude on what to expect - how to act - and how to play. It was less of a formal intro, but more of a comedic icebreaker to get all the “mostly adult” attendees loose and ready to have a fun-flavored trip through the museum.


We loved how everything was showcased.

Each room brought out an inner child - bringing out curiosity and color in every confection direction - it was truly an experience unlike anything before. Entering the first room, no one knew what to expect - all we saw were pink walls, pink floors, and of course, pink pay phones! Just pick up, say “Hello,” and the trip begins - on the other side of the line was a melting pot of voices, kids screaming, and ice cream related puns and jokes. We were told to do dances, spontaneous hugs with neighbors, and to scream “ICE CREAM” from the top of our lungs.


Over 100 Million Sprinkles in this vibrant swimming pool of childish inhibitions and adult curiosities - can someone say, “CANNON BALL?”


Everything was made for touching and interaction.

From the walls to the sculptures to the fuzzy pink palm trees. Was it food? Was it fake? No one really knew - but it did bring out the exploratory curiosities in all of us. Giving food new levels of use and play - not just the binary definition of an edible commodity. The entire experience through the Museum of Ice Cream was filled with clever puns, phrases, and tactile play - definitely brightening up everyone's mood!


Eat With Your Eyes: Using Food as Art

There was one point on the tour through this edible paradise, where we came across a room of 10,000- plus color bananas - together with a light show - it really brought to “LIGHT” how colors and food can play a mutual role in creating sensational of wonder


Product Package Displayed as “brandless” art - Creates a focus on shape and form instead of name and marketing


Unconventional Ingredients, Unconventional Taste

Through art, interaction, and experience - we noticed how everyone going through the Museum of Ice Cream eventually let their guards down and opened up to trying the unconventional.


Contagious, youthful energy or the questioning of their base reality.

Everyone was excited to try the wildest of ingredients — savory balsamic vinegar and a pinch of brie cheese baked on top. The process in which this delectable treat was served was the real highlight. A wall lined up with pink spatulas laid vacant. Two knocks on the wall and then “BAM” - two fresh Pink Pancake Ice Cream Sandwiches appeared via a hidden slots in the wall - fun and delicious!

We also sampled Mochi ice cream balls with a beautifully placed mint leaf in the middle. Speaking of mint — how about growing Mint plants in a soil comprised of only Cacao Chocolate Bark? 


Fresh Mint grown in Cacao Chocolate Bark - edible and alive. Fresh ice cream with balsamic vinegar and baked brie! Yum!


Hip and Edgy Food as a Product Statement

The Museum of Ice Cream opened our eyes into how food can evolve into different forms to entice various emotions. It's important to highlight the evolution of one's expected taste buds from seeing food in different forms of art, swimming pools, toys, or event clothes. 


The cherry on top. 

As a means of taking a little bit of the experience back home, a series of “ice cream”-related products were for sale at the end of the exhibit. Products took forms into visually pleasing and colorful, edgy consumer products - a means to never forget what the Museum of Ice Cream gave its visitors that day!

Food is not only a filling vice to satiate your appetite, as we saw at the Museum of Ice Cream. It can also be a reminder to enjoy, play with, and experience food with those closest to you. If we need it every day, why not add a little color and sassyness to it?


Bath Bomb with the smell and flavor of? You guessed it, Chocolate!


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