What Our Team Loved in September


what our team loved…

monthly series — food, products, and entertainment we’re currently enjoying


#1 — Tony

Sunday Lawn Care

As our resident Reformer and super organizer, I constantly have a growing to do list itching to get checked off. This month we tried a new lawn-care product which helped bring me back to the lawn for the fall. What a better time to test out Sunday—one of the items from our Plant-Based unboxing! It’s a neat product that tailors and times shipments based on the soil and climate data of my particular address so my lawn receives the exact nutrients needed, when it needs them most. Better yet, it is a pesticide-free product containing nutrients used on organic farms safe for people, pets and plants. 



#2 — Michael


To accomplish my goal of getting better sleep this month I have been setting an intentional routine nightly which includes drinking a glass of calm. Natural Calm, which has magnesium powder and some flavorings claims to be a true breakthrough in the field of sleep and relaxation. It has exceeded my expectations and experiences in the common traditional supplements such as melatonin, calcium etc. and has in fact, produced results, which are more consistent than any sleep supplement I have tried. 



#3 — Erin


As our resident Enthusiast, I operate my weekends like my workdays! Packed with nonstop fun! Recently, I did take some downtime to watch Hustler, which I loved. This giddily entertaining homage to female power that illuminates bold ambition in its stars and director alike. Honestly, I feel that Hustlers is the kind of era-defining film that Hollywood didn’t know it needed.



#4 — Kalyn

Baked her famous Paleo cookies! 

I have a secret recipe which is ½ homemade and ½ Capellos almond Flour Paleo Cookie dough.  They offer a guilt-free vegan cookie which satisfies our preferences. The almond flour dough is sweetened with organic maple syrup, loaded with chocolate chips, and a touch of coarse sea salt for an irresistibly salty-sweet win. Of course nobody at Ebco believes that I bake them since I never bring them to the office, what they don’t know is that they’re too good to last beyond the weekend.



#5 — Ariel

Three Sixty Five SPF

Something I love that I've tried lately is this Three Sixty Five SPF made from super clean ingredients. I know that I should I always be wearing SPF of some sort to protect my skin from sun damage, but I hesitate because most sunscreen products are full of synthetic chemicals. I'm loving this product from Kari Gran because it has a very short, non-toxic ingredient list packed with power ingredients like plum seed oil, avocado oil, and jojoba oil.



#6 — Kalyn

Monat launched their Skincare Product! 

Just this month MONAT Skincare was launched! What an exciting event to see and I watched it through the lens of Instagram. I’m looking forward to trying out these products which have been designed to harness the natural anti-aging power of revitalizing botanical oils, nutrient-rich exotic fruits, plant-based stem cells and a rejuvenating peptide. The line was developed using hand-picked ingredients clinically tested and approved by dermatologists and ophthalmologists.



#7 — Michael

Milk & Sass Macaron Brush 

Because I really do love my hair and find that I need to brush it frequently, I was on the lookout for something compact and easy to use. I finally found the perfect thing that inspires me to treat myself… to a little hair-brushing. The all in one travel brush comes from a French-inspired, California-designed delicacy in the shape of a French Macaron cookie that is expertly crafted for all ages. The Patented Design boasts Milk+Sass’ strategically sturdy radial bristles, which are placed at varying heights and widths to glide through all hair types quickly, painlessly, and without the breakage caused by other brushes. The only side effects: less frizz and ample shine!


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