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Signature Services


Trend Expedition

An in-market, immersive exploration of key trends in products and services, marketing, retail, business models and consumer experience.


Ebco’s Trend Expedition takes the standard market visit to the next level with a best-in-class, immersive, and curated exploration of a selected domestic or global city.

Expeditions conclude with a dynamic presentation filled with key insights, team verbatims, found products, and photos that capture the experience in a detailed visual report to bring the insights to your organization. 

Clients leave expeditions with 100+ product, service, and/or marketing ideas — the same output as a workshop in a more experiential setting. 


innovation captured in realtime while immersed in the trends



insight into analogous and adjacent industries that are reshaping the expectations of your consumer



curated experiences based on the most relevant macro trends in your category so you can experience research implications in a real world setting 


Trend and Landscape Investigation

Ebco's Trend Investigation program is a deep dive into the trends that are impacting your category and ultimately driving change in your industry.


An Ebco trend investigation reveals opportunities in your category and business by looking at adjacencies, outside categories, consumer behaviors and unmet needs, digital drivers and e-commerce movements, as well as start-up and movers and shakers changing the landscape of that industry.

We help provide an outside, fresh perspective on your category.Insights are delivered via a highly visual and creative presentation full of revealing and eye-opening insights that leave teams inspired to take action. 

Clients have described this program as their “dream analysis” — an investigation that illuminates critical business opportunities, differentiated insights to remain competitive and identify future project spaces.


the most critical and influential trends that are impacting your business, delivered with supportive insights and proof-points



case studies of disruptive and successful businesses and products leveraging these trends right now



macro trends impacting the large consumer movements that will be impacting your business within the next 1-10 years



of trends shaping the industry in the years to come


Scouting Investigation

Scouting investigations identify new assets, technologies, businesses, and capabilities to help your company win with its' consumers.


Ebco’s scouting and business development program identifies the best companies to partner with or acquire in the digital, online and direct-to-consumer marketplace.

This may include new technologies, successful business models, e-commerce companies, digital devices, etc. to identify opportunities for business growth and acquisition.

The output includes a presentation with partner information based on the results of the scouting investigation.

“This investigation revealed key partners and companies that we are now doing business with — we have several deals in the works which will expand our offerings and allow us to play in the digital space.”


new assets or capabilities to help your company win with its’ consumers



specific capabilities based on new market growth and consumer demand



new partners, companies or technologies to help with digital and e-commerce initiatives



incremental opportunities versus opportunities to expand and drive market growth


Trend Immersion Workshop

Workshops and ideation sessions are dynamic experiences that are tailored based on the trend research.


Trend Immersion Workshops leverage the trend investigation work so that an entire team or multiple teams within an organization are able to take action on the work and bring it to life for their business through new product, service or business model ideas.

Our workshops are known for being immersive and sensorial.

“This wasn’t like the workshops we’ve done in the past, and we’ve done a ton — it was my favorite, it was an innovative experience, everyone was totally engaged, and we came up with a voluminous amount of exciting, new ideas.”


in trend research to build out new product, service and marketing solutions that put you ahead of the competition



dynamic material and trend stations to identify new opportunity spaces



research to identify innovation drill sites or platforms, generate large quantities of diverse new concepts, define guardrails for future product development, and more