Exclusive Free Web Meeting with Kalyn Rozanski & Erin Mays


How to perceive the change that is happening right now and activate on the opportunities.. (These technology disruptors are affecting everyone and we can learn from other industries.)


How the 12 Forces are already happening (and maybe even at your competition). (Our report will connect all of the dots for you; if you can read this report, you will get ideas for how to move forward)


How to leverage the trends specific to your industry or category. (We break it down for you and provide insights into how it connects back with examples and case studies from various industries. Plus, we believe that innovation comes from seeing how outside categories are operating and identifying where there is white space for you)


About the Trend Experts



Accomplished trend researcher & strategist in innovation and product development.

Kalyn is known for her vision and insights. She is a constant consumer of voluminous amounts of information across categories and industries in search of meaningful emerging patterns. She also is an expert at interpreting and communicating what those patterns will mean to your brand in terms of future consumer and market desires and behaviors.



Design strategist and researcher with deep expertise in innovation and product design.

Erin specializes in leading comprehensive research programs using an array of methodologies including in-depth interviews, ethnographies, collaborative work sessions, and usability testing.