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Our team is composed of team members spanning time zones, backgrounds, and disciplines to deliver a diverse, global perspective on innovation. From anthropology to technology, insights to product design, we’ve curated a team emboldened by endless curiosity that delivers our clients truly custom-built innovation.

Your Ebco Guides

  • Kalyn Rozanski

    Chief Visionary Officer & Co-Founder

    Kalyn Rozanski is the Chief Visionary Officer and one of the fearless leaders of Ebco. She founded Ebco in 2015 with the vision of a B2B agency that guides major organizations across industries to custom solutions through trend-powered innovation. — VIEW MORE

    Ebco team — Kalyn
  • Erin Mays

    CEO & Co-Founder

    Erin Mays is the CEO and co-founder of Ebco. Erin oversees the operational and leadership side of the business, spearheads business development, fosters client relationships, and leads marketing efforts. — VIEW MORE

    Erin Mays
  • Ben Chaib

    Head of Growth

    Executive level professional with keen expertise in identifying new business opportunities and growing existing client relationships. — VIEW MORE

    Ebco team — Ben
  • Tony Rozanski

    Head of Finance & Operations

    Oversees the financial health and analysis of the business, with a keen eye on organizational structure and efficiencies. — VIEW MORE

    Ebco team — Tony
  • Jane Nedinkovski

    VP of Innovation Strategy and Client Success

    Over the past fifteen years, Jane has engaged in innovation projects across the U.S., Europe, and Asia Pacific regions with many of the top fifty Consumer Packaged Goods companies. — VIEW MORE

  • Rachel Krohn

    Creative Director

    Rachel is an agile creative thinker, art director, and designer. — VIEW MORE

    Ebco team — Rachel
  • Betsy Pendergast

    Trend Director

    Experienced researcher and strategist focused on developing actionable and disruptive insights and go-to-market strategies. Her career spans consulting, retail, CPG, finance and healthcare. — VIEW MORE

    Ebco team — Betsy
  • Sarah Polansky

    Trend Director

    In her 10+ years as an innovation consultant and business strategist, she’s helped global Fortune 100 clients shift their business through customer-led insights, strategic foresight, market analysis, and business modeling to uncover the next profitable opportunities to pursue. — VIEW MORE

  • Gerardo Tames

    Associate Director of Insights

    Gerardo is an experienced market and consumer researcher with a 15+ year career focused on insights, brand strategy, and innovation. — VIEW MORE

  • Sydney Harder

    Trend Strategist

    Curious, detail-oriented strategist with a passion for building future-defining brands. Adept at diving into data and surfacing insights that answer critical business questions, Sydney loves to approach projects with equal parts analytical rigor and creative chops. — VIEW MORE

    Ebco team — Sydney
  • Janelle Furber

    Trend Strategist

    Experienced strategist and researcher with a future-facing approach to generating insights, discovering trends, and creating innovative ideas. — VIEW MORE

    Ebco team — Janelle
  • Samantha Juna

    Trend Strategist

    Samantha is a thoughtful creative, skilled at translating abstract concepts into real-world solutions. She is an industrial designer by trade and has more than a decade of experience in the CPG industry.  — VIEW MORE

    Ebco team — Samantha
  • Elizabeth Brannan

    Trend Strategist

    Elizabeth is an accomplished researcher and strategist, adept at discovering trends and transforming them into curated insights with actionable strategies. — VIEW MORE

  • Jackie Suli

    Business Development Manager

    Customer-obsessed sales support professional + cross-functional collaborator. Jackie enjoys making things happen. She loves taking an idea, identifying resources and considerations, making a plan and bringing it to life. — VIEW MORE

    Ebco team — Jackie S
  • Tausha Menaquale

    Head of People & Operations

    Resourcing aficionado with a finger on the pulse of efficient ways of working and a foundation in process, culture, and people development. — VIEW MORE

    Ebco team — Tausha
  • Susan Jeanette

    Executive Assistant

    Detail-oriented operations manager and human resource assistant. Susan has over 25+ years of experience as an operations manager and human resource assistant. — VIEW MORE

    Ebco team — Susan
  • Pamela Albert

    Business Development Representative

    Pamela is a people person. She has 20+ years of experience within the design/research community working in marketing, business development, and lead development. — VIEW MORE

  • Jonathan Abarbanel

    Design Director

    Problem-solving, multifaceted product designer who has brought concepts to life for a variety of Fortune 500 companies across an array of industries. — VIEW MORE

    Ebco team — Jonathan A

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