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Our team is composed of team members spanning time zones, backgrounds, and disciplines to deliver a diverse, global perspective on innovation. From anthropology to technology, insights to product design, we’ve curated a team emboldened by endless curiosity that delivers our clients truly custom-built innovation.

Your Ebco Guides

  • Kalyn Rozanski

    Chief Visionary Officer & Co-Founder

    Kalyn Rozanski is the Chief Visionary Officer and one of the fearless leaders of Ebco. She founded Ebco in 2015 with the vision of a B2B agency that guides major organizations across industries to custom solutions through trend-powered innovation. — VIEW MORE

    Ebco team — Kalyn
  • Erin Mays

    CEO & Co-Founder

    Erin Mays is the CEO and co-founder of Ebco. Erin oversees the operational and leadership side of the business, spearheads business development, fosters client relationships, and leads marketing efforts. — VIEW MORE

    Erin Mays
  • Andrew Ignatow

    Head of Innovation Strategy

    Andrew is a 20+ year agency veteran specializing in developing methodologies for innovation and insights programs. With a focus on developing a deep understanding of his clients’ needs, innovation philosophy, and existing insights frameworks, Andrew has a long track record of driving growth for his clients. — VIEW MORE

    Ebco team — Andrew
  • Jane Haffer

    Innovation Strategy Lead

    Experienced researcher with a passion for data-driven actionable insights. Her career in research and consulting spans food, beverage, home care, personal care, and beauty. While she is a researcher and strategist by trade, she is a storyteller by nature. — VIEW MORE

    Ebco team — Jane
  • Ben Chaib

    Head of Growth

    Executive level professional with keen expertise in identifying new business opportunities and growing existing client relationships. — VIEW MORE

    Ebco team — Ben
  • Tony Rozanski

    Head of Finance & Operations

    Oversees the financial health and analysis of the business, with a keen eye on organizational structure and efficiencies. — VIEW MORE

    Ebco team — Tony
  • Rachel Krohn

    Creative Director

    Agile designer adept in print and digital mediums. Rachel is an experienced graphic designer and art director in the field of communication and marketing. — VIEW MORE

    Ebco team — Rachel
  • Betsy Pendergast

    Trend Director

    Experienced researcher and strategist focused on developing actionable and disruptive insights and go-to-market strategies. Her career spans consulting, retail, CPG, finance and healthcare. — VIEW MORE

    Ebco team — Betsy
  • Sarah Polansky

    Trend Director

    In her 10+ years as an innovation consultant and business strategist, she’s helped global Fortune 100 clients shift their business through customer-led insights, strategic foresight, market analysis, and business modeling to uncover the next profitable opportunities to pursue. — VIEW MORE

  • Gerardo Tames

    Associate Director of Insights

    Gerardo is an experienced market and consumer researcher with a 15+ year career focused on insights, brand strategy, and innovation. — VIEW MORE

  • Sydney Harder

    Trend Strategist

    Curious, detail-oriented strategist with a passion for building future-defining brands. Adept at diving into data and surfacing insights that answer critical business questions, Sydney loves to approach projects with equal parts analytical rigor and creative chops. — VIEW MORE

    Ebco team — Sydney
  • Janelle Furber

    Trend Strategist

    Experienced strategist and researcher with a future-facing approach to generating insights, discovering trends, and creating innovative ideas. — VIEW MORE

    Ebco team — Janelle
  • Samantha Juna

    Trend Strategist

    Samantha is a thoughtful creative, skilled at translating abstract concepts into real-world solutions. She is an industrial designer by trade and has more than a decade of experience in the CPG industry.  — VIEW MORE

    Ebco team — Samantha
  • Elizabeth Brannan

    Trend Strategist

    Elizabeth is an accomplished researcher and strategist, adept at discovering trends and transforming them into curated insights with actionable strategies. — VIEW MORE

  • Jackie Suli

    Business Development Manager

    Customer-obsessed sales support professional + cross-functional collaborator. Jackie enjoys making things happen. She loves taking an idea, identifying resources and considerations, making a plan and bringing it to life. — VIEW MORE

    Ebco team — Jackie S
  • Tausha Menaquale

    Head of People & Operations

    Resourcing aficionado with a finger on the pulse of efficient ways of working and a foundation in process, culture, and people development. — VIEW MORE

    Ebco team — Tausha
  • Susan Jeanette

    Executive Assistant

    Detail-oriented operations manager and human resource assistant. Susan has over 25+ years of experience as an operations manager and human resource assistant. — VIEW MORE

    Ebco team — Susan
  • Pamela Albert

    Business Development Representative

    Pamela is a people person. She has 20+ years of experience within the design/research community working in marketing, business development, and lead development. — VIEW MORE

  • Jonathan Abarbanel

    Design Director

    Problem-solving, multifaceted product designer who has brought concepts to life for a variety of Fortune 500 companies across an array of industries. — VIEW MORE

    Ebco team — Jonathan A

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