New Year, New Places to Explore

Ebco’s Favorite Travel Destinations for 2023

Come along with us as we share experiential recommendations for foodies, nature lovers, museum connoisseurs, beachgoers, city hoppers, and international explorers alike.

Click on the photos to see hand-picked recommendations for each destination selected by the members of our team.


  • Birmingham, AL


    The Ford Foundation calls the South "the incubator of social change" and Birmingham is a great place to visit to inspire activism and awe. This city is a reminder of a painful past, the resilience of the human spirit, and the optimism to create something greater. --> View Recommendations

  • San Diego, CA


    San Diego is America’s finest city! Obviously, you can enjoy it year-round because of the weather. It has a very diverse cultural landscape, between different types of foods, museums, experiences, and the terrain. You can go from the beach to the mountains and ski all in the same day! --> View Recommendations

  • Los Angeles, CA


    LA is one of our favorite cities to eat, shop, and conduct trend expeditions in—for good reason! Whether it’s seeing the latest food trends come to life, trying out the latest fitness craze, or understanding how routines around self-optimization, self-care, and community are changing, LA is the place to be. --> View Recommendations

  • Outer Banks, NC


    The Outer Banks is a string of barrier islands along the coast of North Carolina and has numerous notable places to visit including ocean-front beaches, pirate and shipwreck museums, several lighthouses, the lost colony of Roanoke, and a historical aviation monument dedicated to the Wright brothers. --> View Recommendations

  • Chicago, IL


    As the third largest city in the U.S., Chicago is best known for its unique architecture and world-class food scene. With 28 miles of lakefront, 77 distinct neighborhoods, and more than 600 parks, there is no shortage of places to explore in the heart of the Midwest. --> View Recommendations

  • Traverse City, MI


    Traverse City in the upper corner of lower Michigan has something for everyone but is undiscovered by many. There is plenty to drink (microbreweries and wine tastings), nature (hiking and snowshoeing), and the best beaches not by an ocean. --> View Recommendations

  • New York City, NY


    New York is always on and there's always something new to explore. --> View Recommendations

  • South Florida

    Jackie S

    South Florida is truly paradise and offers warm weather year-round making it easy to enjoy outdoor activities throughout all seasons. --> View Recommendations


  • Athens Riviera, Greece


    Just 20 minutes south of Athens, the Athens Riviera makes you feel as though you’ve arrived on a Greek Island without ever having left the mainland. It is home to world class beaches, restaurants, ancient sites, charming port towns, and so much more. --> View Recommendations

  • Bangkok, Thailand


    Bangkok has an exciting mix of huge skyscrapers, temples, historic architecture, lavish gardens, palaces, and almost nightly sporting events, like kickboxing. --> View Recommendations

  • Milan, Italy

    Jackie Z

    While many people love Italy for its charming country towns and sunny beaches, there’s also a lot to be said for Milan, the modern city and industrial heart of the country. I love Milan because it’s very posh but still full of Italian culture. --> View Recommendations

  • Lisbon, Portugal


    The atmosphere of Lisbon is electrifying. There’s so many things to love about it—from classic cuisine and beautiful colonial architecture to the contemporary art scene and thriving nightlife. It is truly a gem! --> View Recommendations

  • Aguascalientes City, Mexico


    Named after the numerous hot springs in the area, Aguascalientes has become a modernized city, celebrating its rich heritage and culture with a mix of an old colonial town atmosphere and thriving industrial development. Although it is the smallest state in Mexico, the city of Aguascalientes has many events and historic places to experience its rich culture throughout the year. --> View Recommendations

  • Prague, Czech Republic


    With hidden treasures tucked around every twist and turn on its cobblestone streets, Prague is a beautiful city filled with unique contrasts: Gothic architecture standing alongside brutalist buildings, quiet courtyards found in the bustling Hradčany, and hearty Czech cuisine within a blossoming food scene. --> View Recommendations

  • Tokyo, Japan


    Fall is when all of the maple and ginkgo trees change color and the entire country is awash in a sea of red and gold. In the springtime, the cherry blossoms are in bloom and everything turns a wondrous shade of pink. Being here during these times really makes one appreciate the change of the seasons as these two seasons also usher in a slew of seasonal celebrations and foods. --> View Recommendations

  • Beaune, France


    The capital of the Burgundy wine region, Beaune is a quintessential and charming town a short 2.25 hour train ride from Paris. Bustling with wine lovers from around the globe, it is home to wine tasting, museums, and leisure activities to suit everyone's interests. --> View Recommendations

  • Copenhagen, Denmark


    Some flock to Copenhagen, Denmark for its rich cultural life, world-class museums, and award-winning Michelin-starred restaurants, while others go to experience the warmth, comfort, and coziness of hygge. --> View Recommendations

  • Athens, Greece


    My mom and I went to Athens this year and absolutely loved it! --> View Recommendations

  • Costa Rica


    Costa Rica is a fantastic vacation destination for anyone who loves beautiful, tropical, and friendly places. --> View Recommendations

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